Resistant, soft and environmentally friendly, alpaca wool lives up to its name of "wool of the gods".

Alpaca wool naturally plays a thermoregulatory role. It is also hypoallergenic and, unlike other wools, contains no lanolin. It retains its originality and authenticity, while respecting even the most sensitive skins. Alpaca wool is quite fine, making the final garment light and comfortable without compromising durability.


Cheviot sheep are renowned for their hardiness, adaptability to different climates and the quality of their wool. Cheviot wool generally has a slightly curly or wavy texture, which adds to its resilience and insulating properties. The wool's medium thickness is perfect for cold-weather jackets and pants.


Merino wool is famous for its incredibly soft, fine fibers. The individual fibers are much finer than those of traditional wool, giving merino wool fabrics a soft, gentle feel on the skin. In particular, it is highly breathable and has natural moisture-wicking properties, being able to effectively regulate body temperature by allowing moisture to escape while retaining warmth. This unique ability makes it versatile, as it is suitable for both winter and summer garments. In winter, it provides insulation to keep you warm, while in summer, it helps you stay cool and dry.


Virgin wool is highly sought-after. Known for its high quality and luxurious feel, this natural fiber is renowned for its many benefits, making it a preferred choice. Virgin wool is derived from sheep's fleece and is classified as "virgin" when it has never previously been processed or used in another garment. This immaculate quality distinguishes it from recycled or reclaimed wool, as it retains all its inherent qualities and characteristics. Virgin wool's most renowned characteristics are its softness and comfort. The fibers are very fine, giving virgin wool fabrics a soft feel against the skin. Durability is another feature of virgin wool: the long, strong fibers make it resistant to pilling and wear, ensuring that garments made from this material can last for many years if well cared for. What's more, virgin wool is an environmentally-friendly choice. It is biodegradable and renewable, as it comes from a renewable resource: sheep.


Mixed wool fabrics are textiles made by combining wool with one or more other fibers or materials. These mixtures are created to improve the qualities of wool and overcome some of its limitations, while offering unique, long-lasting characteristics. Thanks to these blends, we mainly obtain new textures with more comfort.