for everybody

In case some people haven't noticed, HOMECORE is unisex, unigender, for all those who love without exclusion. We believe that comfort in the shape and material of a garment is fundamental for everybody. Women and men have been wearing the brand's wardrobe since its creation, without distinction. Life is beautiful, let's embrace it with universality and passion, let's live life to the fullest without embarrassing ourselves with normative limitations.


"Since I was very young, I have been interested in the way adults interact. My experience is my source of information. It has made me think about the evolution of the pretexts for closeness that often take us away from ourselves and not so close to others.

As I grew up I looked for ways to be as much of myself as possible, even inventing Gumjo, a centering practice of turning off the brain and turning on the body to feel the world around us more strongly. I met some wonderful people who accepted me, hanging from a lamppost in search of absolute love. With time, I became more settled and managed to return to the social world and accept it. However, I have always kept in me the taste of those moments of abandonment during which social life is over, it is over, it is not done.

At Guillaume's 40th birthday, sitting in the kitchen, I reopened my inner man to the one whose curiosity had bitten into my restraint. This moment of peaceful connection inspired this film.
It is dedicated to all those who love."

Alexandre Guarneri


By Guillaume Cagniard

"One of the first times I communicated with Alex in 2004 was in a hug. He is a friend with whom I share many things, thoughts and exchanges on human relationships. On the evening of my 40th birthday, I saw Alex, as is his wont, hugging people who wanted to be hugged. We were talking about his communication the day before and I told him that if he wanted to have a film that looked 100% like him, it had to be an action, a state of mind, to look like the brand too. And what's visually amazing about him is his social and physical interaction with people. 

For me, the Hug is the ultimate symbol of doing good for each other. This action can bring happiness, we know now thanks to medicine that cuddling releases serotonin in us, while doing good to the other. It is something strong, simple and effective. Also, when you hug someone often, the first thing you touch is their shoulder and therefore the material of their clothes.

In terms of graphics and staging, the mixture of two human beings who become one and finally find themselves almost as a new visual person is very strong. Because intertwined with each other, it's about different colours mixing. For me, the hug is a patchwork of layers of colours that become graphic. At HOMECORE there are assemblages of colours, of recto verso, so it tells the brand story extremely well. 

And for the HUG LIFE signature, this meaning is a wink to our common past in the hip hop culture. We also thought it was interesting because there's something very tough about the Thug Life bandit and it's the opposite of what you see in the image. That is to say, in the end they are bandits who love each other and that's what we want. "


Guillaume Cagniard