Homecore has teamed up with young Parisian designer Amaury Cagniard to create a collection of contemporary, daring and elegant eyewear. Made in France. Hand finished.



During an interview of Kekra by Mouloud Achour in the streets of Tokyo for Clique, the rapper talks about his love for style and fashion. He notably cites Homecore, among the brands that had an impact on his stylistic education in his youth. Alexandre and Kekra meet and discover common values around clothing and collaborate under Homecore's Dynamics label.



From the start, Alexandre has been close to Kourtrajmé (“short film verlan”), a collective of audiovisual artists created in 1994 by Kim Chapiron, Toumani Sangaré and Romain Gavras. Since 2018, Kourtrajmé film schools have also been set up by the collective, on the initiative of Ladj Ly.